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Your Wedding Dress Can Make Another Bride Happy

Many brides start dreaming about their wedding dresses as little girls. The dress is so important that it’s one of the things wedding guests are most excited to see: The bride walking down the aisle in her dream dress, a vision of white. Some are so special that they’re considered family heirlooms, so why would you ever think of letting go of yours, right? Wedding dresses take up a lot of space in the heart of brides, but it takes up even more closet space. In most cases, wedding dresses end up gathering dust in the back of your closet, never to see the light of day again. But wouldn’t it be nice to give it a second life and help make another bride’s wedding day more special? These days, more and more brides are opting for more practical wedding dresses, and your dress could be an option. Today’s brides are doing it without breaking the bank, so now may be a good time to let your dress go. You’re guaranteed to make another bride extremely happy—and you can clear up closet space too, in time for the arrival of new holiday presents.

Sell it to a Consignment Shop or Thrift Store

Shopping at consignment shops and thrift stores has become more commonplace in recent years. A lot of people value a bargain more than ever—as much as they do unique finds. While championing sustainability and giving people access to reasonably priced products are major reasons why people open consignment shops, there’s also a surprisingly significant amount of money to be made from them. Up to 15% of customers shop at consignment and thrift shops every year, making it a $28 billion industry that’s set to grow to $64 billion in the next five years. Consignment stores can also advise you on how much your dress would retail for, sell it for you, and then split the earnings with you. On the other hand, thrift stores will offer to pay for your dress upfront when they take it off your hands. Either way, these places will always have people coming in; allowing more people to see and potentially buy your dress for their own weddings.

Sell it Online

The secondhand market is growing so much that buying used items online is becoming a norm. Bargain hunters, including brides, have taken to online shopping platforms like Ebay, Craigslist, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace for unique, affordable, and quality items. People find it rewarding to acquire high-value things for less—they’re not willing to pay the full price, otherwise. Putting your dress online allows you to show your dress to more people, even to those outside your immediate area. This way, you can tap an even bigger market. An interested buyer may be outside your state, but there’s a lot of logistic support and shipping options you can consider on these online platforms. Additionally, selling online allows you to communicate directly with the bride-to-be, and you might even make a friend!

Donate it to Charity

When you donate your dress, you’re not just giving it a second life; you’re also helping a cause. In fact, several charities accept donations in wedding dresses—and even bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. However, some charities do have restrictions before accepting donations. For example, dresses may need to be less than five years old, or need to have been professionally cleaned. You can take a look at charity websites to see their requirements and procedures. Charities will either give your dress to a bride or resell it, using the proceeds to fund a cause. For one, Brides Across America is a charity that receives about 3,500 dresses annually, which they donate to brides in the military or who are emergency workers. There are also charities like Adorned in Grace, Brides Against Breast Cancer, and the Brides Project that refurbish and resell dresses for a cause.

You can either sell or donate your beloved wedding dress, but what’s important is that you’re helping another bride feel very, very happy.

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by Aleena Cake

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