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She Gets It From Her Mama

Happy Mothers Day! Today we celebrate, spoil and brag on the woman that changed our diapers, kissed scraped knees, listened while we cried over our 9th grade crush and truly believes that we can do anything.

This day is so special to me, being raised by a single mother my whole life. Everything about me, the way my feet are too wide for off the rack sandals, how I laugh too loud, my sensitivity to criticism, my obsession with dogs and my crazy strength to endure all circumstances with a bold face reminds me of her constantly. I don't love her because of these things specifically but because the bond they create. When I notice one of these traits in myself, I feel connected to something bigger, a lineage of other women that worked hard to create a world worthy for me live in.

Today, I gathered a few of my favorite Sweet Peach Mother and Daughter duos to feature. Some of these women are brides that included their moms in their wedding, some are mothers that got married and included their children. A wedding is such a special time to magnify the bond, to collaborate and celebrate in unison.

Lindsey & Tyler

"My daughter was our flower girl, I loved watching her dress up in her tutu. Hearing her laughter from behind the curtain as she waddled up the aisle toward her daddy, was my favorite moment of the day. She also joined us in the father/daughter dance with her dad."

-Lindsey Finegan

The way Lindsey and Gerard included Tyler into key moments and the whole wedding friendly for all ages really showed how amazing their families are. Although the guests were of all ages, as soon as the dance floor opened everyone was moving and grooving and cutting a rug. It was the most epic dance party of 2020.

Photography Credit : Nicole Kirshner Photography


Brianna & Anne

"My mom was one of the most important players in all of my wedding planning. She was there for everything. Times weren’t their best for her financially, but she gave us every extra penny she could and helped make our wedding dreams come true. She has been by my side my whole life, supporting me in everything I do, my wedding was no different. I have the best mom ever."

-Brianna Shrader

I actually met Brianna through her mom when she called me to promote Brianna's photography business to me. We connected and she mentioned her daughter was getting married in South Carolina. I shared how I used to live there and loved it and before long Brianna and I were on a cross country girls trip to plan the big day together.

Photography Credit : Brandon Chesbro Photography

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Linda & Zoey

"I wanted to take in EVERY SINGLE SECOND of this day. I wanted to soak it all up. All the magic and chaos that comes along with it. Most of all we wanted to make sure our daughter was involved every step of the way. There was something extra magical watching my little girl taking her steps down the aisle with her daddy. Time stood still and I'm grateful I get to look back and see this moment just as I remember it."

-Linda Vega

Zoey was a very special part of my planning relationship with Linda. She was at our first consultation and attended almost all meetings. She really added a lot of smiles and sweetness to dull logistics and even had her own high chair at the sweethearts table!

Photography Credit : Rhea Ashlynn Photography

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Tiffany & Myah

"My daughter, Myah, was my mini Maid of Honor. She wore an all white dress and a veil. I originally had a dress similar to the flower girls for her, but she wanted to dress like me. Myah and I are basically the same person. The pictures we took before the wedding were my favorite part of the day with her. It was really special to have her by my side."

-Tiffany Patin

At the time Tiffany was a mother of two twins and although Myah was mostly with her, she made sure both children were involved. To solidify and outwardly express their family blending and binding they did a Unity Ceremony that included both kids. It was really moving to be a part of this family union.

Photography Credit : Lok In The Moment

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Ariana & Celia

"My mom was so creative and worked so hard to make my wedding day beautiful. She handmade my centerpiece bowls and people loved them so much they fought over taking them at the end of the night. I seriously wish I could relive the whole day over again!"

-Ariana Guzman

Ariana and I got very close over the year long process of planning and near the end Celia was also in on the details. From attending venue meetings, cleaning vases, hand sculpting centerpieces, growing succulents in her garden and so much more the MOB became the go to for little details with big impact. I really enjoyed having her as a part of our design and planning journey.

Photography Credit : Veronica Padron Photography


There are so many more special mothers in the Sweet Peach family, these were just a few. We want to take a moment to honor each of you for your involvement and support in our lives, businesses and celebrations. To the vendors who stay up late after bed time stories to edit photos and bake cakes, to the brides that plan around soccer games and the mothers that have helped us pick dresses and get giddy over diamond rings. You are all important and seen.

If you are visiting your mom today, hug her a little tighter and really just soak in the moment. To all of those, like myself, that are distancing and waiting to see our mothers, know what you are doing is the physical sign of love and respect. Cheers to all the moms out there and we hope however you celebrate, you have an extra sweet day.

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