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Walk Down The Aisle in H&M

I was never the little girl that imagined her wedding day. I was too busy pretending to run a drive in movie theater for my Barbies and my brothers G.I. Joes, learning to canter on my horse Appachi or reading Boxcar Children Novels. If you were the type to day dream of the poofy full bottom, the elegant hemline, satin buttons and shimmery accessories then this option might not be for you. For those of you who want something simple, sweet and affordable... I'm about to blow your mind. H&M, the affordable quality clothing store, primarily for women but also specializing in men's apparel has dipped it's toe in the wedding pool. H&M sells wedding dresses?! If you've been living under a rock like me, don't fret, I've done some research and I'm here to share my opinion, a few fav styles and whether I think you should consider a Hennes & Mauritz gown.

Pros :

1. Affordable - If you morally don't want to pay a ton or your budget just simply won't allow, the max price point of $349 with most being well below, is incredibly reasonable.

2. Returnable - If you order a dress and need a different size or just don't like it you have up to 30 days to return to any H&M location for a full return without paying a shipping fee or dealing with jumping through hoops.

3. Seasonal - Although there are not many selections they are in a perfect variety ranging from spaghetti straps, sleeveless to long sleeve options.

Cons :

1. Selection - As I mentioned above there are not many selections. If you are looking for a mecca of patterns, lacey varieties and a fun day of trying on a million options this is not a good fit for you.

2. Cheaply Made - It seems from reviews that some have noted the actual quality of the dress is not incredibly sturdy but honestly I feel this point is moot considering you only wear it one day. Usually I'm quality over quantity but in this case as long as it gets through the big day I don't think lasting value is very high on the list of importance.

3. Size - Although they carry sizes 2 to 14, which is a great variety but they have barely any of those actual sizes available to order. What is the point in having 12 different sizes if you can only order a gown in 2?

When pursuing these I imagine them in different venues and for different types of weddings. Here are some of my musings below :

Satin Floor Length Gown

H&M Description : Long wedding dress in thick, woven fabric. Low-cut V-neck at back, straight-cut neckline at front, and narrow shoulder straps. Concealed side zip, seam at waist, and flared circle skirt. $349

My Opinion : This gown seems to be a nod to the modern conservative style Meghan Markle choose when she wed Prince Harry. I think the cut would be most flattering on a slim frame and a great fit for conservative women looking for a modest vibe.

Sweetheart Gown with a touch of Lace

H&M Description : Long dress with bodice in lace and skirt in airy, woven fabric. Scalloped V-neck, boning at sides, and opening at back of neck with covered button. Concealed zip at back, long sleeves with scalloped trim, and seam at waist with grosgrain ribbon. Gently flared skirt. $299

My Opinion : I'm in love with the delicate scalloped lace and think it's perfect for a slightly chilly time of year like mid-Fall. It still has a clean look with with a splash of femininity.

Tulle on Tulle with Peekaboo Back

H&M Description : Long dress in tulle with a wrapover bodice. Shoulder straps with decorative knots at ends, opening at back with covered buttons, and a seam at waist. Flared skirt with an outer layer of tulle for added volume. Concealed zip at back. Satin lining. $249

My Opinion : This has a bit of whimsical feel with the fuller tulle and a slight youthful sexiness with the deep neckline and peekaboo back.

Venue Match : Beverly Hills Courthouse

Satin with Thin Straps but Big Flair

H&M Description : Long, sleeveless dress in thick satin. Low-cut V-neck, extra-narrow, adjustable shoulder straps, and concealed side zip with hook-and-eye fastener. Seam at waist and flared, segmented skirt. Satin lining. $249

My Opinion : This has a bit of whimsical feel with the fuller tulle and a slight youthful sexiness with the deep neckline and peekaboo back.

Venue Match : Venue by Three Petals

This is a great option for brides on a budget, ladies looking for a simple chic look, courthouse weddings, elopements, second marriages and even an upscale rehearsal dinner. As a wedding planner I make it my mission to have a high, low and medium option in every category possible. Everyone lays importance on different areas of their big day. Some might drop lots of money on the bar (cheers) but want a plain dress, while others might have a food truck and spend extra on an over the top elegant gown. Do what feels right to you and invest in the places that matter most to you two as a couple.

There are a few other wonderful dresses on their site. The easiest way to locate all the options is to go to and use the search widget on the top right side of the site. I simply put in "wedding dress" and got 13 Wedding Dress results of all different lengths and styles along with several bridal party options.

What do you think of these styles presented in the article? Would you wear an H&M dress to your wedding? I'm excited to see if this is going to be a growing niche inside this company where they stock up more sizes and grow their selection or if it's just a temporary trial period. I'm looking forward to hearing all your thoughts. Leave a comment, I can't wait to hear your opinions and feedback!

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