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Luxury Service for Every Bride

3 tips for 2020 inspired from hospitality service that are great to use with your own clients and collaborators.

When you book a night in a hotel whose brand is known and reliable, you already know that the service that will be provided to you will live up to your expectations. A reservation in an Airbnb can be adventurous and atypical in the sense that each accommodation will be different and unique. It's affordable so you know that the service is not perfect and that it is part of the game! Indeed, Airbnb instead focuses on its customer experience on meeting with others.

However, when you decide to make a reservation in a 4- or 5-star hotel, you know that you will be able to place absolute confidence in the hotel. Their performance is built on quality standards in order to make guests feel welcomed and have a good experience during their stay. Because yes, now we are no longer just talking about a service that meets needs but an experience that meets customers’ desires or even goes beyond their expectations.

The same goes for you who want to provide a good service to your customers but also to your potential vendors and colleagues/collaborators!

Here are three essential tips inspired by the standards and trends of the hospitality industry that will allow you to provide a qualitative experience in your business:


First, you should notice that if you go to a luxury hotel, one of the expected standards is the following: During the check-in at the front desk, the front desk agent must pronounce your name three times during the conversation. You're going to wonder why? Simply because pronouncing your name will make you feel considered and put you immediately at ease. TIP: Don't hesitate to try the experience when you're at the checkout of a grocery store. Look at the name of your cashier thanks to the name tag and wish that person a good day by including his or her name in your sentence. In return you will get a nice smile from this person! It is a gentle attention, a detail that will nevertheless make the day of this person.

The same is true with your customers and vendors in collaboration! Talking to the person including their first or last name will help create a link between you and this one. But, I’m not just talking about when you address them by email. I emphasize that you have to exercise it when you talk to them by phone or even in person. Put them in conversation while remaining natural, and success guarantees! It sounds innocuous but it has its nice effect. This will allow the person to feel more listened to, appreciated, valued. As far as you're concerned, you're going to return the image of someone who is committed and dedicated to providing excellent service! It's not always an easy exercise at first, you must practice making it spontaneous and natural, but believe me, it's well worth it.


Secondly, as you may have seen, companies collect our data daily via the internet with our personal information and manage to obtain information such as our age, our journeys, our hobbies... Some people are puzzled but the goal of this maneuver is to understand the customer to offer a product, a service or even an attention that will please a guest without needing this person to ask for it. Of course, you don't have these technological tools at your disposal but, remember the following point: Being able to identify what a person likes or could potentially like can create a unique and personal experience. The more special it is to the client, the more it will affect and touch this person. For instance, if during your hotel reservation you specify that the reason for your stay is your honeymoon, the facility will adapt its services in order to fill you and surprise you. Some hotels will spread rose petals in your room, prepare a bottle of fresh champagne ready to be tasted... Oh and, you mentioned the fact that you’re a big fan of Beyoncé and this is your birthday? Be sure that some hotels will relay the information and that you will be offered a cake with a picture of your favorite star on it!! Some hotel brands even go so far as to print instagram photos of celebrity clients and spread them all over their rooms to show a real investment in customer service. All these attentions are carried out with the aim of branding the customer’s mind.

As far as your business is concerned, these attentions are also very important. To build your network and maintain a good relationship with vendors and collaborators, it can be very pleasant for them to receive an email, letter or even a notification/post on social networks explaining how much you enjoy working with them and why. Even after meeting someone, thanking them for a productive appointment going on together is something you shouldn't underestimate. It takes you a few minutes and has a very positive impact on your professional surroundings and for your business. The same is true with your customers: after an appointment, do not hesitate to send an email explaining the essential points of the meeting and take the opportunity to thank them for investing your confidence in you. It will give them even more confidence and trust in your work. Finally, just as hotels do not hesitate to listen well and check social media in order to better understand the personality, tastes and pleasures of everyone. Thus, you will have the opportunity to send by mail a little attention in agreement with your customers or collaborators, which will be very pleasantly received. Beyond building relationships, it is essential to maintain them!


When you feel empathy for someone is when you are disposed to place yourself in that person's place. You then have the ability to project yourself into its situation. This is an essential feature both in the hotel industry and in your company. It is essential to be able to put yourself in the client's shoes in a critical situation so that this person feels heard. On the other hand, if when a difficulty arises, you only tend to be sorry for that client, the situation will not change in any way and the customer will remain on a bitter note. Thus, the exercise consists of being able to put yourself in the person's place to understand what he or she is feeling, to understand the problem (EMPATHY) and to fix it (ACTION). Let's take the example of a wedding taking place in a hotel. One of the men of honor is staining his white shirt and the photo shoot will soon begin. These photos of this special day are very important, they have sentimental value and will be kept for life. The client approaches the front desk to express his frustration. If the front desk agent is sorry for that person but does nothing, the client will stay on a negative experience. Thus, in order to be able to provide a quality service, the front desk agent can find solutions: ask the laundry department if one can lend a shirt for the day. At this moment, Can imagine the joy that this person will feel in the face of this type of service? He will keep a very good memory and will surely recommend the brand for its quality of service.

In fact, it's very important to listen to others, take the time to consider it and not minimize how they may feel whether it's your client or your collaborator. Also, be prepared and, depending on your company's specialty, to plan an essentials kit that will allow you to react quickly and effectively to a situation. If you show that you are foresighted and that you can adapt to a last-minute situation, you have everything won.

In the wedding industry, you can provide a Bridal Survival Kit' with for example: hairpins, a sewing kit for last minute touch-ups, hairspray, a detaching pencil, pocket pharmacy, glue, lighters for candles, scissors, mint lozenges, a black tie/knot, cufflinks, tights, a cake cutting set, handkerchiefs, pads... and so on...Being predictive is the key top customer service!


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