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Let them Eat Cake - At Home

There is always something to celebrate. Inevitably, over the span of time we are asked to stay safe at home, you or your loved one will have a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other special occasion. This may not be how you expected this milestone to be celebrated, but there is nothing stopping you from at the very least having a delicious and custom cake. Let's be honest, there isn't much cake doesn't make better.

In order to inspire and educate y'all on the cake possibilities I turned to my two favorite cottage bakers for advice and inspiration. Both Holly Naylor, owner of Cakes by Holly K and Nicole Redd-McIntosh, owner of Nicole Bakes Cakes took time out to share their thoughts on the current situation, what events are most popular for their clients, and some of their favorite creations.

"Celebrations are going to look and feel quite a bit different in this era of social distancing.  Your plans may have changed, but birthdays and anniversaries and graduations are still important events that are worthy of celebration. A great way to make someone feel special and commemorate the occasion is with a beautiful custom cake.  I love what I do because I get to make people smile, and we could all use an extra dose of happiness right about now."

-Holly Naylor

"In the time of shelter in place, love and celebrations are still happening, you should still be able to celebrate with cake! I decided to pivot and start delivering to your doorstep instead of in person. Smaller/mini cakes are a better fit since gatherings are just for those at home with you, but can still be customized and delicious."

-Nicole Redd-McIntosh


Let's start with the most obvious celebration, birthdays. Everyone has one and everyone deserves to celebrate them. Every year we get is a gift, and as you get older you appreciate the small things even more. The most popular themes for birthday cakes are floral, musically inspired, boozy, superheros and unicorns. The options are only as limited as your imagination. The key is to choose an item or theme that really sums up the person's personality you are celebrating.


Every year you are married is an accomplishment. It meant you spent another year learning, growing, experiencing, hurting, being joyful and adventuring with your true love. Did you know each year has a gift associated with it?

This cake is really special to us, as it was created for one of our favorite couples in Sweet Peach history, Zia & Zakee. From the first meeting with them we hit it off. These two oozed style, had the coolest temperament and just loved each other openly but so easily it seemed they simply had been in love for lifetimes. Nicole and I were so excited to collaborate together on their wedding day and it tickles me she is still making them sweet cakes to celebrate such a special day. Check out their wedding gallery HERE to view all the goodness for yourself.


If you're going through this quarantine with a bun in the oven there is a great way to brighten up the mundane day to day with a gender reveal. You can choose to keep it just the two of you or pop on Instagram to find out live. What better time to eat half a cake than when you are pregnant?


It's almost May which means our loved ones, young and old will be graduating from hard earned studies. Whether your little guy is finishing pre-school and off to big boy Kindergarten or your daughter is graduating nursing school after years of long nights up studying, they deserve recognition.


With Southern California being a true melting pot of all nationalities and religions there is always something to observe. If you need some extra cheer order a decorative cake to make your home feel more festive.


There is never a better time to indulge and do little things to make you and your loved ones happy. Order a Quarantine cake shaped like a roll of TP, can of Lysol or your favorite board game, a park you can't wait to visit again or your favorite burger from that restaurant that you're going to visit your first day back out and about.

I hope these amazing cakes inspire you to bring whimsy and sweetness even to the dim days of life. I encourage you to check out both Holly and Nicole on their Instagram pages to follow their entrepreneur journeys as they create beautiful edible art. Stay at home, stay safe and eat lots of cake.

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