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Insta Mood Boosters

Since being home all day I have began a bad habit of picking up my phone and just scrolling Instagram, sometimes for hours on end. Anyone else guilty of this? Instead of mindlessly scrolling I have been choosing a few people to check in on that entertain and uplift me.

This week I wanted to share the personalities out there giving us so much light, so many laughs and so much entertainment in this time. If you are sick of the same old memes and random rambling then check out these amazing accounts. I promise at least one (but probably all) will bring a smile to your face and give you an instant mood boost.

Hands down this guy has stolen my Instagram heart. He is a main character on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, an amazing new breakout series, where he plays the main character's best friend with a crush. After looking him up I discovered this character barely scratches the surface of his already well rounded career. You might recognize him in things such as Spring Awakening on Broadway, Pitch Perfect on the big screen or the last season of My Crazy Ex Girlfriend.

Honestly, the reason I dig him has nothing to do with what he has appeared in. Skylar has spent the last few weeks playing piano and singing his favorite hits. These are not polished performances but impromptu moments of musical connection. He comes across kind, humble and damn the man can sing. Go follow him >>> @skylarastin

This gem of a man has been entertaining us all for years on Will and Grace and other programs but he has taken it to a whole other level with these little tasty morsels of wisdom and memories. He shares everything from being in the poke for drinking too much to how he thinks everyone is just having sex, all presented in his Tennessee twang and sweet sass. Go follow him >>> @thelesliejordan

Heather has had my heart for the last year after performing at our live Peach & Honey show, then I had the privilege of being her Wedding Planner this February at Carondelet House as she floated around high on love in a tutu looking like a vision. She now spends her time annoying, I mean adoring, her cats and having sweet shenanigans with her new husband. You may recognize her from the Colbert Show, New Girl or countless other parts on shows and movies. Take a deep dive into her stand up clips, they are holding me over until I can see her light up the stage again soon. Go follow her >>>@hellopasternak

For a Community Connection - Jamaica Aali

Jamaica is not only one of my best friends in Long Beach but a mover and shaker that is working daily to grow and connect her community while we are physically distanced. She has been hosting Virtual Happy Hours that spark poignant and provocative topics for the Black Community and it's allies. She's not all just talk though, partnering with fitness instructors for workouts keeps both her and her followers fit while at home. Go join in >>> @black.everywhere

Dalton is a college student studying marketing, and international wedding photographer that started his business at only 16 years old and loves traveling. What has really caught my attention are his series of videos are parodies of how celebrities are handling quarantine, with his invisible assistant. "JESSICA" He may be young, but his wit is that of a seasoned comedian. He is living in the other "LA" but I have a feeling this spark of genius will lead him to national recognition. This up and coming ginger has a lot of snap. Check out this spot on impersonations of the elite roughing it while at home in their mansions. Go check him out >>> @daltonsmiley

I saved the biggest ray of sunshine for last. If at some point you are lonely, self doubting, unsure of yourself, this is the page to visit. This magical mama is a Spiritual Leader that helps business owners feel empowered, guided, centered, accepted and shares the message of being enough. The simple messages she shares, warmth she gives and guidance she naturally navigates with is beautiful. At this current point Meg is close to giving birth to a little boy but there are lots of encouraging posts and information to keep you motivated. Follow her >>> @meghansylvester

Each of these people has been asked to stay at home and is doing that in a unique and honest way that shares joy and laughter and warmth. It's a crazy world we live in where we can share moments of songs and stories and jokes with strangers.

Who do you follow that makes you laugh out loud, that makes you turn up the volume, that makes you genuinely smile?

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