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Hey All You Cool Cats & Kittens

One day (hopefully not too far away) we will return to group celebrations and at that time we have a whole new theme to explore... Tiger King! Whether you loved the absurdity or just the tigers, you can't deny it's this year's craziest trainwreck that you just can't look away from. I binged the series in just two days and afterwards thought, man what a great idea for a co-ed Bachelor & Bachelorette Party.


This true crime documentary has more style statements than an issue of Vogue. I'm not saying they are my favorite, but they sure were loud and proud. For outfits you can go full leopard print, sequins tops with jeans, leather jackets and Ed Hardy shirts. Hats are a big part of the Tiger King wardrobe. Pair your cool digs with a cowboy hat, hanker chief with black cap or a classic Baskin Flower Crown. If you really want to go all out you can each pick a character to represent.


Quite possibly the most grotesque part of the show was the expired Walmart meat saga. Not only is it bad enough to feed that to the poor kitties, they used expired deli goods to make pizza to sell to the visitors. Using FRESH ingredients you should incorporate meat lovers pizzas and a nice deli platter.


I am a sucker for Bachelorette Bingo so why not upgrade it, Tiger King style. Hit up your favorite watering hole or neighborhood block for a classic bar crawl with your crew. Break into two teams and let the photo hunt begin. First team to get a line complete wins a prize.

Notice the middle spot that is usually a "Free"spot has been altered to a "Donate $10 to Free the Tigers". This series has provided us with lots of much needed entertainment in a dark time but the life in a cage will continue for these beautiful animals long after our Stay at Home order has been lifted. It's a very real tragedy that the cats born in captivity can not be let loose in the wild as they were not taught the skills needed to survive on their own. There are great people out there doing amazing things to end this circle of captivity.

The organization International Fund for Animal Welfare is working hard to reform this issue and end the abuse of these amazing creatures. Instead of wasting money on penis straws and sashes have each person at the party donate $10 to help the cause.

For your freebie of Tiger King Bingo Photo Hunt sheet click HERE to download.

I hope you get a giggle out of this as I had so much fun creating it. It's exciting to think about all the parties and celebrations awaiting us in the future. When that day comes, let your hair down, throw on a flower crown to compliment your leopard print peasant top, print some Bingo Boards and have a roaring good time.

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