Megan Rose Papageorge

Owner & Certified Wedding Planner

Many people are surprised to learn I planned my first event at age 14.  I rented the small hall at my church, decorated in blue balloons, baked and decorated cupcakes, organized special games, homemade invitations and mailed them out to all the important people in my small Virginia town.  It was very important because it was not only the first party I ever planned but my very own Mom's baby shower.


 Now 16 years later I have come full circle and although the events I plan now are larger and grander the importance to detail and passion to create an enjoyable memory is exactly the same. Through that gap of time I moved to NYC and was exposed to new cultures and design.  The abundance of art, music, architecture and fashion helped tune my style sense and allows me to see beauty in unexpected places. Next, I was off to Charleston South Carolina.  

While living in one of the most beautiful and historical cities in the world I found out the importance of hospitality and tradition.  I learned that small details like sending personal hand written thank you notes really does mean something special. Lastly, I headed west to the land of fruits and nuts and landed in Long Beach, California.  I quickly became Catering Manager to a charming Gay Restaurant in the heart of the city.  This experience molded me most of all.  I learned to cater to the exact needs of each client and embrace the differences they each posses. After urging from clients, fellow businesses and support from family I decided to start my own company.  


Over the last five years I have started a company from scratch with a open mind and open heart. I began my formal bridal industry training by taking the Bridal Society Educational Course with instructor Laurie Hartwell and becoming a Certified Wedding Planner. This solid base of skills and professional mentoring was the foundation for my career.

Sweet Peach Planning has had so much success booking and executing over 50 weddings last year that we are expanding and bringing on other projects, most currently creating a curated Wedding Planning Subscription Box for brides to enjoy a relaxed and exciting planning process. I'm also half of the out of the box podcast, Peach & Honey that will help you learn and take the edge off planning 


Other things I love are: my handsome boyfriend (Cody), my adorable pups (Hank & Luna), restyling my tiny little apartment for the millionth time, shopping at local businesses, Bones, hip hop dancing (I have moves), coffee with hazelnut cream, puzzles, pretty stationary and going on mini adventures around SoCal.